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WELCOME TO News Online Job

News has been set up by Educational Reg. Origination Delhi belonging to the reputed K .Prasad , engaged in educational Origination since 1990 The Origination has entered into it's own
Now, this sapling is growing its branches wide and far, and farther ever-since, with Many distributors, Center, more than its standing highest and hugest in the field of MULTI-LEVEL EDUCATION The Education Centers were given an
altogether new profile and the whole system was presented an epitomized outlook. By having its competence in the
Techniques and Technologies and having made all operations online, the company proudly claims of prioritizing Quality over Quantity, and this requires intensive outreach of advance literature and extensive research.
Now in every corner of country News meetings and seminars are organized. Quality education material are also available in the form of CDs, cassettes and books. To update distributors with current information monthly New India has made remarkable progress and has grown up in multi dimensions.
Good quality Education and best services to Student constitute the company's objectives. This clearly demonstrates that the group is genuinely concerned and dedicated to the overall progress of distributors and shall be bringing out more quality products to enhance their Education volume.
NEWS’s success reflects the creative, entrepreneurial spirit of a team led by resourceful managers who focus on solid
economic fundamentals and commitment to the success of its partners and satisfaction of its Customers/Independent
Distributors. The group is guided in its growth by a determined vision: to be acknowledged by its Independent
Distributors as their pre-eminent business companion.


To motivate everyone to realize and recognize their inner potential and turn in to an asset for personal growth and overall success. To develop and provide high quality products distributed internationally through direct selling, creating a rewarding financial opportunity for our independent distributors, associates, and employees.


To provide basic system knowledge to one and all. To market “Quality products” and services at competitive prices. To provide lasting “Self Employment” opportunities. To create more and more employment opportunities. To create Brand awareness across India. To develop Income opportunities that improves economic status of India.